United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said last week that the U.S. will leave the United Nations’ Human Rights Council if the organization does not undertake “considerable reform.”[1] He was not clear on what this reform could entail. The administration has decided to reduce overall funding to the UN by up to fifty per cent[2].

Looking at the current list of UNHRC members, it is clear why the Trump administration feels this way. The current list of members includes Egypt, Rwanda, South Africa, China, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It is frankly ridiculous that any of these states should be on a global council to discuss and moderate human rights. With ridiculous post-modernist attitudes such as the “Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam”[3] governing this body, it becomes clear that the organisation is truly a farce. Let us discuss just a few individual sins of these countries appointed to the oh-so-righteous Council:

  • Egypt – the relatively new al-Sisi regime is routinely using torture and making people “disappear” – both criminal suspects and political opponents. In the Sinai Peninsula, their military have killed people extrajudiciously. Government denies workers the right to organise in unions and prosecutes strikers, as well as freezes assets and bans travel for these suspected activists.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10]
  • Rwanda – Need we say it? Rwandan Genocide.[11]
  • South Africa – President of South Africa Jacob Zuma decides to follow Zimbabwe in stealing land from white farmers. So much for racial equality, Mandela.[12][13]
  • China – Continuing down its Maoist path by using 1984-esque digital totalitarianism whilst committing genocide in Tibet. In addition to the lack of legal recognition of human rights, lack of an independent judiciary, lack of religious freedom, lack of internet freedom, lack of freedom of association…[14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21]
  • Iraq – even if you exclude ISIS, government forces have still been partaking in atrocities, including demolishing Sunni homes and forcing demographic changes on formerly Sunni areas. In addition, women arrested by government forces often end up humiliated, tortured and raped.[22][23][24]
  • Saudi Arabia – Amputation of body parts for crimes, flogging for sexual deviancy and being drunk, punishment of rape victims. Slavery and human trafficking. Public execution by beheading, stoning, firing squad, crucifixion for anything from murder, rape, drug use, apostasy, adultery, witchcraft, sorcery. While constituting 70% of university enrollments (perhaps sexism on its own given the cost), women represent 5% of the workforce – they are also literally banned from driving. This is only a short list of the human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia – but hey, that’s Sharia and Sharia is the word of God, right?[25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32]

This “council” is utter INSANITY.

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Agreed. The United Nations seemed like a good idea at the time, but like all things that meant well, it was later overrun by corruption and inaction.