From otherkins (people who genuinely claim to be animals or fantasy creatures trapped in human bodies) to transracials including, most famously, Rachel Dolezal (pictured), who claims to be a black woman trapped in a white body – yes, because race is simply a social construct. Then you have the transabled – people who think they’re disabled when they’re not. The denial of science is growing stronger.

An otherkin is somebody who claims to be a being born into the wrong body. Transgender people claim they are born into the wrong sexual gender, whereas otherkin’s sincerely believe to be born into the wrong species. Otherkins are not some new trend. This minority of people (is it offensive I’ve referred to them as people?) have been around since the 1990s.

Having the honest belief that you are transethnic – transracial – or being Transabled – choosing to be disabled when you’re not – not only outlines how our culture has become filled with attention seekers but highlights the need for better mental health care. I’m not even going to mention transgender people here, as I feel that is a more serious issue that belongs outside of the label “mental illness”. There are people out there intentionally mutilating themselves to become disabled as it affects their “body integrity”

These claims should not be entertained with support other than psychological help. There are many scientific reasons for why some are attracted to the same sex and why people suffer from gender dysphoria. (some more science on that here) — for the record, I don’t support the idea of having more than one gender and having trans bathrooms because it opens another can of worms like will we be asking for otherkin bathrooms soon? But whatever, that’s just my opinion.

So if you think you’re from a different species, race or that you’re disabled when really, you just want to be part of a minority, you don’t need to write a book, you don’t need to rally for your rights. You need to sit down with a psychologist.

We have come so far from the days where religion was the only proof we needed. We, as a culture, have begun to finally accept that scientific proof is our definitive answer and yet here we are claiming that “we are because we think we are”

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Stacey Willis
Feminism doesn't speak for women like me. I'm against the radical feminazi's we women are dragged down with. Against the idea that on this planet lurks a white straight person privilege. Equality is not equal. Men and women are not equal.

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TWS Writer

I am trans-rich. If you dare deny my credit card, you’re being offensive and triggering me.

Sam Noland McBee

What an utter load of rubbish!
You are the ones who don’t know anything about science

TWS Writer

Care to elaborate further as to why the author is lacking?