From believing Schapelle Corby is innocent or was wronged after police tipped off Indonesian authorities or that random Bali drug child we never heard about again, it’s clear that some Australians are obsessed by defending drug smugglers or detesting the conditions in which Australian criminals (or alleged criminals) will be kept in in foreign prisons.

Schapelle Corby (Wikipedia page) will return to Australia within the next few weeks according to the mainstream media. There are plenty of “Welcome Home Schapelle” parties planned with pubs and clubs even hosting events for the overvalued and often worshiped drug convict.

Recently, Cassie Sainsbury hit the news. Cassie was arrested at a Colombian airport on the 12th of April with nearly 6kg of cocaine – who claims she was “tricked” into carrying the drugs, and thought she was bulk-buying headphones as presents for her wedding party. It later emerged that her flight was booked as a spur of the moment eight day self “business trip” in Colombia and that she’d recently had financial issues. Cassie’s strange Instagram posts, which were recently recovered, suggest she had a “life-changing” plan. The family were quick to attempt to raise $15,000 for her legal fees on Fundrazr. $4232 was donated. With panel shows and news programs crying out for this “poor girl” who is a “victim of naivety” for trusting some random to give her cheap headphones which ended up being boxes filled with cocaine (if that is the real story) it’s clear why people refuse to think for themselves. Okay so before you say it, yes she’s innocent until proven guilty. But look at the story and the way the family has spoken to the media (despite being instructed by their lawyers to not comment or speak to anyone) and you’ll understand where I’m coming from. 

Australia shouldn’t be interfering in another country’s court verdicts. Yes, the conditions of foreign prisons are disgusting and inhumane but that’s the point.

Take the 2015 executions of Bali 9 ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran for example. Their funerals were attended by hundreds who glorified the drug smugglers. These two were also tipped-off by Australia’s own authorities who felt that the best justice was serving the crime under the law of the country it was committed in and if the huge airport signs saying Indonesia executes those who smuggle drugs weren’t clear enough, then the smugglers would have to face the consequences. In 2015 then-politician Clive Palmer proposed a law to jail those authorities who “endangered lives” by tipping-off foreign countries.

At the end of the day – if you break the law in another country, you must face that countries’ consequences so why are so many Australians and Australian media outlets getting behind these drug smugglers and offering support. Okay sure, it’s the countries’ duty to offer legal help to any citizen arrested outside the jurisdiction, but if you’re going to offer MORAL support for a “criminal” then where is the support for Julian Assange? Or do those who share secrets deserve a fate worse than that of drug smugglers?



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Stacey Willis
Feminism doesn't speak for women like me. I'm against the radical feminazi's we women are dragged down with. Against the idea that on this planet lurks a white straight person privilege. Equality is not equal. Men and women are not equal.

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James Thomson

Just another media outlet covering up the coverup! FACT – Schapelle proven INNOCENT via 1000’s of FOI documents here One must ask if you are complicit in the coverup?

John Whittiker

Why don’t ypu people bother to investigate the facts before posting offensice drival like this? Schapelle Corby has been proven tpo be innocent and you have joined the rest of the sewer media in not reporting this. 1000+ government cables, obtained via FOI, spell it out even for gutter dwellers like you:

Is that so hard? Or is your preference still to smear the victim and feed ignorance. What a revolting shower you are.

John Whittiker

And here is some information on the lies and censorship of your fellow sewer dwellers:


Hahaha so many shill comments.
I’ve looked through all the evidence the expendable site has presented and it still points to Schapelle being a smuggler. Yes the Australian police conned her into arrest, but she’s not innocent and neither is her family.