Equality for women is not equality at all.

Men already know we exist. We don’t need a day to remind everyone. 

Having a day to celebrate women is pathetic. We should not be celebrating our gender and using it as a day to push for more rights when we already have so many. We should be celebrating everyone who has the freedom that so many others don’t. In a world where there are women so heavily oppressed by men that it’s quite acceptable to be beaten and raped due to “culture”, we have a long way to go.

Radio stations are playing more female popstars and television series’ are showing female-driven roles in a day that stupidly portrays us as new to the entertainment industry.

I’m not trying to be the negative Nancy here but we girls have a duty to care and nurture, not spout hatred. Vilifying men and constant condemnation should not be the predecessor to equality.

Would the millions of radical feminists celebrate International Man’s Day? Of course not. This is just a day of jumping on the feminism bandwagon and trying to portray a powerful message of “I have a vagina therefore I’m great.”

We have so much to learn.

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Stacey Willis

Feminism doesn’t speak for women like me. I’m against the radical feminazi’s we women are dragged down with. Against the idea that on this planet lurks a white straight person privilege. Equality is not equal. Men and women are not equal.

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