Despite former PM Tony Blair telling fellow Britons to “rise up” and block or soften Brexit, it doesn’t seem likely that the democratically voted Britain’s exiting the European Union will be simple to stop. The referendum in which British voters chose to leave the European Union does not spontaneously signal the country’s exit. That is the job of Article 50.

UK Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor Elizabeth Truss has stated that Article 50 is “irrevocable”, which means there would be no chance of Britain staying in the European Union after activating negotiations on Brexit.

Despite more than 4.1 million people signing a petition for a revote, claiming the result was too close and that people didn’t truly know what they were in for, Parliament made it clear that Brexit would go ahead. (Audio here on our YouTube channel)

Prime Minister Theresa May’s predecessor David Cameron was given a deal he hoped would win him the referendum and help the public to vote “stay” by allowing Britain to limit EU immigration. Now, not only is that a crushed deal but some might use the Brexit flip flop to push London to give up other privileges, such as its roughly 50% rebate on EU dues, if it tried to stay.

But has Brexit inspired others to leave the EU? Greece attempted to in 2015 and now it seems France too. The dissolution of the European Union may be imminent in the next decade.

Opposition to immigration— particularly from Muslim countries— is fuelling other parties due to economic illness, and by the patchy effects of globalisation and Europeanization, which the Netherlands party “Party of Freedom” has argued has lost many good working class people their jobs.


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