Australians are celebrating the Easter weekend but a more important event has taken place: Data Retention.

The government’s controversial data retention laws are now in full effect, these new laws mandate that all internet service providers store customer’s telecommunications metadata.

From the government website:

The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 requires telecommunications companies to retain a particular set of telecommunications data for at least two years. Data plays a central role in almost all serious criminal and national security investigations, which is why it’s so critical that our law enforcement and security agencies continue to have the ability to lawfully access this kind of data in connection with their investigations.


The data can be accessed by the Australian Federal Police, Independent Commission Against Corruption and any state police force according to the Attorney-General’s Department.

The Data Retention laws were originally pushed by Nicola Roxon who was the Attorney General between 2011 and 2013. Roxon had previously pushed for higher taxes on liquor that could be “attractive to younger generations”

Australian Liberal MP Steve Ciobo responded to her original calls for retention with “I think that this proposal is akin to tactics that we would have seen utilised by the Gestapo”.

The Australian Pirate Party has this piece on how Australians can protect themselves.

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