If you follow mainstream media outlets such as The Washington Post then Russia are the enemy, yet again, and that Wikileaks’ release of Vault 7 which expands the evidence of global surveillance by the United States agencies and even displays the alarming use of smartphones, vehicles and Samsung Smart TV’s . The CIA’s relentless assertions that the mass surveillance is in the name of protecting the country from terrorism just doesn’t float.

(Also, don’t forget that according to CNN, it’s illegal to be looking at Wikileaks documents).

The idea that Wikileaks and Snowden are in the pockets of the Russian authorities are exactly what America wants us all to believe. Many comments on the official Wikileaks Facebook page accuse Wikileaks of having been compromised and that the site is being used as a weapon against America by the Kremlin. Russia is now the official go-to place for the blame game. Whenever something doesn’t go in favour of the States, the Russians and the Chinese are instantly responsible. All this does is divert the attention away from the real issue: We are being spied on.

The 2016 U.S. Election was – and still is – dominated by the idea that Putin had something to do with Donald Trump’s election. Mainstream news sites such as the Washington Post and New York Times are consistently converted that fake news and propaganda spread by the Russians are to blame.

When the chairman of Hilary Clinton’s 2016 Election Campaign, John Podesta, had his emails leaked by Wikileaks in March that year, Clinton jumped at the opportunity to call out Putin and Russia, rather than address what was in those emails. The espionage group Cyber Bear, who obtained the emails, have been tied to the Russian Intelligence Services.

In 2013, Edward Snowden handed over several documents to The Guardian journalists Ewan MacAskill and Glenn Greenwald detailing the NSA’s global surveillance programs. Snowden worked as a Booz Allen Hamilton systems analyst doing contractual work for the NSA and left his home in Hawaii to travel to Hong Kong to leak the data. He has since been granted asylum in Russia (until 2020) and is eligible to apply for citizenship – naturally, this is enough to convince many that Edward Snowden is a friend of Russia.

Putin_did_itAmerica aren’t the only ones scared of the Russians and those pesky overseas hackers. In 2016, the Australian Bureau of Statistics launched their mandatory census, which was overrun with technical difficulties after the abysmally slow and unstable internet infrastructure (yes, they asked over 50 million people to log onto the same website on the same night and didn’t expect things to go wrong) was also a victim. With Australian newspapers claiming we should be worried about the Chinese and Russians having access to our information. One expert suggested the attack was deliberate and…yes you guessed it, it was those damn Russians! “It is hard to confirm these things because the way Russia, China and to some extent North Korea do it”

So do we actually take responsibility for anything anymore?  Is it just simpler to blame foreign countries for it? Rather than say: “yes we were spying on the good people of the world” or “yes, Donald Trump was elected president by the American people” we jump to the conclusion that somebody else is to blame for revelations that injure how you feel about your country and government’s actions.

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