Why do Western countries need mass immigration?

We scarcely hear immigration actually justified. When it is actually justified however, the arguments for uncontrolled, unvetted, non-skills-based immigration from any and all third world countries are patchy at best. They generally fall into three categories: appeals to some fantasy of “enrichment”, appeals to economic reasons, and humanitarian reasons.

Forget the difference between legal and illegal immigrants for a moment. Also forget the distinction between skilled and unskilled migrants – these concerns seem to be irrelevant to governments anyway. We must focus on why the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and other countries explicitly focus on third worlders. Two million Ukrainian refugees were turned down by Germany in the past few years. South Africans of European descent are totally ignored as the conditions in their homeland get worse.

Neoconservative governments are generally the most fond of invoking the economic arguments when it comes to immigration. Often it is argued that immigration helps the economy – but what exactly is the point of helping this nebulous entity, the “economy”? Wages across the West have been declining when compared to purchasing power for decades now – decades that almost exactly match the history of unbridled immigration. Particularly hard-hit are blue collar workers, who have become subject to underemployment with terrible casual and part-time employment. It is now a joke to suggest that one unskilled blue collar worker can support an entire family.

We also hear that immigration combats “population decline”, as though there is some ultimate absolute imperative that the population must grow forever and ever on a very finite planet, with ever more visible limits. The permanent lust for growth can be attributed to the dogma of capitalism, that everything can and should be subservient to the needs of private entities dedicated to making profit, and that the welfare of citizens in a state is simply a secondary concern to growth. The arguments that immigration “helps the economy” also comes at a time when automation is threatening to take over in almost every industry and render human workers mostly redundant. Ultimately it seems that mass immigration helps the wealthy ownership classes by driving down pay for everyone beneath them – and you can forget about that trickle down.

Then we have “cultural enrichment”. I am yet to see any solid argument for why introducing millions of people who speak a different language, who value different ideals, have different religions, who tend to self-ghettoise is “enriching”. Okay, different food is nice, so what? The side effect of having access to new dishes is that society becomes fractured and disharmonious as hundreds of different factions attempt to carve out a comfortable niche. With many immigrant cultures we see the aforementioned self-isolating trend.

More disturbingly we also see abuse of the welfare state. Many cultures, particularly ones of an Islamic origin, as feeling entitled to government handouts as their culture values putting as little effort into working as possible while maximising wealth and number of children. They simply don’t see a need to get “off the dole” as they have no understanding of and put no value in the traditional Protestant work ethic – they are not at all shamed by being on welfare, rather they consider it “jizya” – taxes from the non-Muslim heathens. We also see violence and gang cultures form in minorities that are unable or unwilling to integrate with the host culture.

In the United States, despite claims to the contrary, we find that illegal immigrants (from Mexico, primarily) use government handouts and support systems at a greater rate than the native population, despite supposedly not even being able to access them. They’re also encouraged to vote illegally.

Finally, we have humanitarian arguments, appeals to emotion and/or shame. Simply put, you’re a racist if you don’t accept migrants. The Left is fond of shaming people who are critical of immigration by silencing them with accusations of everything from Islamophobia to Nazism. Is there some moral imperative or something that states the West must accept unlimited immigrants until it chokes and dies? White man’s burden making a twenty-first century comeback perhaps? Why exactly must the nations of the West spend massive amounts of money and effort, and put our own citizens in danger from rape gangs playing “the rape game” just so we can feel morally justified?

In the end, with net negative birth rates in populations of European descent and uncontrolled immigration, the result will be genocide. The cultures and nations of the West will gradually disappear and be taken over by hostile foreign cultures – unless something changes.

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