In January president, Donald Trump received backlash from Germany’s economy minister over his claims that Americans should be buying American cars, but the question is – why do people choose German or European cars over American ones?

It comes down to one word: reliability.

General Motors are not a company that are renowned for quality and reliability. For example Saab. I personally own a Saab and am a Saab Enthusiast having owned several over the years. When GM took full ownership of Saab in 2000, the quality of the cars dwindled and the prices did not reflect the car you got. Engines became less dependable and the consistency of the vehicle quality fell apart. The interiors felt cheaper and though maintaining the quirkiness and style of the Swedish Saabs, the cars lost the durability they were known for.


“The American car industry is getting worse, weaker and more expensive … The U.S. needs to build better cars.” – Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s economy minister


In no way are European cars flawless but the Japanese and Germans are better known for their engineering and refusal to make radical changes to things that work. European cars can be quite exotic and are famed for their technology (though over-engineering will always be a big issue for consumers)


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