There is a barrage of almost universal condemnation with every missile test North Korea conducts. We’re told by the Western media that these missiles are capable of reaching countries like America and Australia and we’re reminded that North Korea has nuclear weapons they can use against us.

For the nearly-70-years that the Kim family has been in power, economic sanctions against North Korea have been nothing new. The country is known for their human rights abuses and weapon testing – but have they acted out and started wars against other nations?

Pyongyang has disregarded the requests to stop its nuclear and missile programs saying the weapons are needed for defence against U.S. aggression. But here in the Western world we’re told that this “aggression” comes solely from North Korea.

Donald Trump has called on other nations to ‘publicly demonstrate to North Korea that there are consequences for their very, very bad behaviour’ scolding them like naughty boys playing with matches.
There is no doubt that Kim Jong-un has an ego and has to continue the tough attitude that his father before him set for North Korea, but he’s not the “crazy fat kid” that former Senator John McCain describes him as and the utter disrespect shown by the American government and media does not help soften the situation. By painting Kim Jong-un as an idiot, we underestimate what he is truly capable of and if a war against North Korea was finally provoked, then it wouldn’t be a simple one.

There’s no settling this like grown-ups when it comes to Trump and Jong-un. As much as the West predicts revolution and overthrowing the leader, the Kim dynasty are as strong and resilient as ever.


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