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With the mainstream media spreading disinformation and panic throughout the world and the rise of the “fake news” sites and clickbait covering social media more and more people are looking for independent fact-driven and neutral places to get their headlines and op-eds.

What is fake news?

Fake news websites consciously publish deception and propaganda and claim them to be fact. What they get out of this is higher website traffic, which leads to revenue. By publishing stories that enrage or worry people, the articles are shared on social media, which leads to hysteria and…more revenue.


The Whole Story is independent. We aim to finance ourselves with advertising revenue and donations. We will not feature any paid-to-post content and refuse to sell out like most other independent websites.

Our news will be opinionated sure, but it will be fact-driven.


It’s about time we as a world began to get THE WHOLE STORY.

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We are 100% independent and therefore we have no paid-for-comment financial support from commercial entities or political groups. We strive to be as free as possible. We won't implement paywalls or subscription programs. Your donations are incredibly helpful and help keep us alive. You can donate through PayPal, Patreon or Bitcoin as well as support us by buying TWS merchandise.


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