Charles Manson – the scheming brains behind the series of murders. Contrary to what most believe; Charles Manson did not in fact murder any of victims. He convinced members of his cult ‘family’ to take care of the victims for him.

There’s no doubt about it, Manson wasn’t a good guy, but was he a murderer?

Members of “The Manson Family”

Charles “Tex” Watson, Bobby Beausoleil, Mary Brunner, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, Patricia Krenwinkel, Bernard Crowe, Leslie Van Houten, Steve Grogan

Whilst Manson and the other family members remain imprisoned; Linda Kasabian was granted immunity.

The Victims:

Barbara Hoyt – prosecution witness, victim of Manson family.

Gary Hinman an acquaintance of the Manson family who was murdered.

Sharon Tate – actress, murder victim of the Manson family. Sharon Tate was married to director Roman Polanski and was expecting his child. On technicality, both Sharon and her unborn child were murdered ‘though this was not explicitly implied by court records.

Abigail Folger – heiress to Folger coffee fortune; murdered.

Wojciech Frykowski – writer, Abigail Folger’s lover; murdered.

Jason Sebring – hair stylist; Murdered

Leno LaBianca – founder of Foodstuffs Company; Murdered

Rosemary LaBianca ‘one of the founders of Boutique Carriage, wife of Leno LaBianca. Murdered.


Whilst the role that Charles Manson played in the Tate / LaBianca murders has been heavily debated, Charles Manson was formally charged with murder and conspiracy whilst the “family” at his instruction carried out the actual murders that took place.

It’s a very common misconception, perhaps due to the media and fascination surrounding the figure, which Charles Manson is a serial killer and mass murderer but by DEFINITION, he does not fight the description

In essence, Manson’s followers were acting on his commands. The cult-like nature of these commands most definitely came into place after Manson told his followers what to do, when to do it and how.

Ultimately, to say he was guilty of the murders comes down to technicality. There was a misrepresentation in the Manson convictions as in it was argued Manson was such an inspirational figure that the girls who essentially worshipped him were brainwashed into obeying his orders, making him as guilty as the family.

However, the trial of the Manson Family murderers showed that the Manson followers were not psychologically unstable other than the obvious distraught nature that they’d be imprisoned as killers but that they knew exactly what they were doing and they understood the repercussions of their actions.

If Charles Manson were to stand trial in today’s age, it would most likely be advised to the justice system that Manson’s long-term history of schizophrenia and paranoid delusional disorder (PDD) would qualify him for an insanity verdict, to which Charles Manson would most-likely be incarcerated at a facility for Mentally Unstable Criminals.

Now, this article isn’t intending to glorify or justify the murders linked to Manson’s name, but there are many discrepancies that have distorted the facts of Manson’s actions and influence over the shocking murders that took place.

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