Note: This happened on 20 February 2017 but has not been widely reported

Turkey’s President Erdogan recently stated in a speech while visting Düsseldorf in Germany that the Turkish population there was like “Akıncılar” – advance shocktroops of the military of the Ottoman Empire – as though they were the forerunners for a full-blown invasion.

See the tweet from Abdullah Bozkurt here. Bozkurt is the author of “Turkey Interrupted: Derailing Democracy”, a book that investigates the ongoing machinations of Erdogan and Turkey’s slip away from democracy. Note that the video is in Turkish.

The Ottoman Empire was a Turkish empire that held power over much of the Eastern Mediterranean for over 600 years. It is infamously known for deviant practices such as abducting firstborn sons from Christian communities under its rule[5], mass slavery[6] that ended only a few decades before the Empire did, constantly trying to invade deeper into Europe, and the Armenian Genocide.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not known to be one of the most sane or level-headed leaders of the world. In the past two weeks Erdogan has accused two separate European governments of being Nazis[1]. Erdogan also claims the Netherlands will “pay the price”[2] for not accepting his diplomatic visit even though he was not welcome to begin with.

This is truly some laughable posturing from Turkey considering the ridiculous and over-generous amount of tolerance and subservience EU governments have shown the nation of 80 million, especially given its inclination towards autocratic rule in recent years[3]. The EU is still for some reason flirting with the idea of adding Turkey to the Schengen Zone[4].

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