I’m all for human rights, equality and respect towards all genders but one thing that I see as a grey area is the feminist movement.

Now, I’m not talking about females who don’t want to be seen as an accessory to man – I’m talking about the far-left fundamentalist beliefs that some females possess.

The age-old remark many feminists have is that when a man holds the door open for a lady or pays for the meal he is signifying that the woman is incapable. This is a ridiculous belief that really shows the nit picking that people do to claim victim.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that the Sharia law is an abomination to how some men can oppress women. I think females shouldn’t be given shortened tennis sessions and I think that we shouldn’t assume that they are too delicate for sports such as rugby. Female derby teams – appropriately known as Derby Girls – are enough proof that a woman can kick a man’s ass.

One of the most intricately insane things I’ve ever heard come from a feminist is that if a woman regrets sleeping with a man after she makes the decision to, then it is rape. Simply changing one’s mind apparently constitutes a criminal offence. (I’ll note here that a fellow anti-feminist female has done a brilliant story covering this sort of thing here)

Excessive female rights campaigners often criticise or claim the following:

Cleaning products are only marketed to women on TV.
Men do not ever express issues in the balance of raising children and a career simultaneously.
Situation comedies such as The Drew Carey Show, Family Guy, The Simpsons and so on are disrespectful as they contain obese ‘slobs’ with attractive partners.
Men who describe the weaker amongst them as “pussies” are disrespectful and that the use of the term ‘the balls’ (as in, I have balls for writing this) shouldn’t be used.

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Stacey Willis
Feminism doesn't speak for women like me. I'm against the radical feminazi's we women are dragged down with. Against the idea that on this planet lurks a white straight person privilege. Equality is not equal. Men and women are not equal.

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