Hard drive manufacturer Seagate has laid out its near-term roadmap, with plans to increase drive capacities over the next few years. Seagate’s 10TB hard drives are now readily available, but the company has planned to reach production of 16TB magnetic drives in 2018 with 20TB drives to be available by 2020.

According to unit sales, SSD’s are taking over, with Seagate themselves revealing a 60TB Solid State to be released this year but the focus is still on magnetic drives according to the company.

In 2015, Western Digital revealed their 10TB hard disk drive (HDD) based on its HelioSeal Platform, which hermetically seals helium gas in the drive to decrease friction. At the time of publication, Western Digital’s HelioSeal 14TB is the highest capacity drive available to consumers. 4TB being the highest 2.5” drive (small external and laptop drives)

Western Digital, Seagate and Toshiba are currently the only manufacturers of drives. It is expected that we will reach 40TB by 2030 according to computer science analysts.

Innovation slowed in 2011 after the “Global Hard Disk Famine” caused by the 2011 Thailand Floods which drove up prices and dropped the availability of drives. Thailand is one of the world’s largest producers of HDD’s.


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8 Comments on "The Hard Drive Size Grows as 20TB Drives Expected in 2020"

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Miles Cutler

I reckon by 2020 there’ll be a new technology to trump 20tb drives. Lots of new hardware tech lately so I’m looking forward to vastly improved PCs in the future.

Luffy Zorro

I am stoke for this. I would like to see flying cars too.


This rapid development in hard drives shows how our need for for data and information has grown exponentially in the past couple of years. But for an average guy, I can’t help but wonder: what do you need 10TB for? As far as I’m concerned, 1 TB is more than enough for all my files and more!


Wow! Good to hear that. I am just wondering how many movies can I save on that 20TB hard drive? But I guess most of the people who will use such huge amount of storage are those who are into the film making industry, graphic designing or heavy gaming due to the massive file size they are generating.

Raphael Fabella

And here I am with a 500 gigabyte hard drive as my biggest hard drive to date. I wonder how much a standard 10 terabyte hard drive costs in the Philippines?


As HDD size increases, file sizes also increase, right? In the future, we may experience simple images worth megabytes of data.


I remember the time when I thought 40Gb was more than enough for the way I use my computer. How wrong was I! And now, years later, having 4TB worth of HDDs still seems insufficient. I can’t wait for these babies to roll out!

Kat Esmero-Andrada

Wow, this is news! We currently have 10TBs available here. I wonder how soon we get to also have 16TB s here and how much it’ll cost.