Too often is there a panic regarding water additives. Yes, we shouldn’t have things added to our water to benefit us – we should have the choice to add them ourselves – but do government-backed water treatment plants who are adding fluoride to a town water system have the intention of harming citizens?

Fluoride is good for teeth. This is a well-known fact. Despite there being several outlets claiming that it is poison and that it shouldn’t be in our toothpaste, fluoride is a mineral that is safe and effective at preventing tooth decay. Scientific studies show no valid indication that fluoride is the cause of kidney disease or cancer.

As fluoridation does not affect the appearance, taste or odour of water, many people are sceptical. The issue lies when TOO MUCH fluoride is added to water. Over-fluoridation can cause serious long-term issues such as skeletal fluorosis, a debilitating bone disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no distinct difference in tooth decay between developed countries that fluoridate their water and the ones that do not. The statistics are hazy as some countries – mainly European countries that forbid the addition of fluoride – that do not have fluoridated water have less teeth cavity issues than those that do simply because of public health care.

So why are the government adding things to our water supply? Don’t individuals have the right to choose their own medication? Well in most countries, fluoridation is thanks to the suggestions from dentists.

Most major toothpastes contain fluoride. You then may be using fluoridated water to wash your toothbrush. This — though in very small quantities — is causing you to automatically over-fluoridate yourself.

Fluoride does have negative effects when overused or over-added to the water supply but sugar is a lot worse. The government should not be adding fluoride to our water, but at the end of the day, it’s not going to give us cancer or any horrible diseases if it is added properly.


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Sunny Winterson

Obviously an alias, Sunny is a Canadian journalist who has worked with several mainstream news outlets.

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According to the National Toxicology Program, “the preponderance of evidence” from laboratory “in vitro” studies indicate that fluoride is a mutagenic compound. Many substances which are mutagens, are also carcinogens (i.e. they can cause cancer).

Fluoride is a mutagen and a neurotoxin. If your child spends hours a day swimming in a pool full of fluoridated water, sometimes year round, how much Fluoride are they consuming in total? Are they getting toxic amounts? Do you know? Does your doctor know? How about your athlete who consumes large quantities of liquids, most all of which contain Fluoride? Who determines the dosage for the medication they’re receiving? Do you have any clue what’s in your water? Did you know that Lead and Mercury are being added to your water? Arsenic? THINK, people!

Fluoride is extremely difficult to eliminate from the body, as those of us with perfect kidneys can only get rid of half of it. Those with kidney problems (diabetics and pre-diabetics) eliminate very little, and babies can only eliminate 20 percent.

Over a lifetime, 50% of all fluoride consumed remains in the body (bones, brain, etc.). How much is safe? Promoters don’t know, and of course won’t say.

Fluoride is a deadly poison and certainly not a nutrient. It is no wonder that it causes serious health issues like dental fluorosis, thyroid damage, brittle bones (broken hips), arthritis, cancer, etc.

Fluoride has caused hypothyroidism for me. Diagnosed 10yrs ago I found it was caused by fluoride. Six months after I stopped consuming tap water my TSH hormone levels returned to normal. Two years later when my health deteriorated I stopped taking showers in fluoridated water. At considerable expense we have installed our own water supply and plumbed into our kitchen and bathroom, for the luxury of water uncontaminated by poisons. It has taken 8yrs for one of my anti-body counts to recover. We make our own bread, yoghurt and ice-cream and my diet is restricted to fresh produce. Leave fluoride… Read more »
Wall of text ahead. @prsmith; Lead, Mercury and Arsenic are not being added to your water. People don’t consume fluoride by swimming in pools, even if the water is fluoridated, at least beyond the small amount they might swallow while swimming, which is much less than they drink in a day. Asserting that people get toxic quantities of fluoride by drinking water is simply incorrect, barring an operator error which severely overdoses fluoride. After all, the MCLs for fluoride are based on the body’s ability to safely remove it. You also mention fluoride being a mutagen, and in the same… Read more »