The funeral business of the future could be assisted with the concept of the Aeternal, a driverless hearse.

The Aeternal is a futuristic hearse created to give the lucky dead a luxurious and high-tech burial. This driverless vehicle is mounted on mecanum wheels and features a multimedia projector, and a surround sound system. Coffins transported by the Aeternal would be sold separately and they could be raised (exposed) or lowered within the vehicle. The body can be displayed and the Aeternal can play their favourite music or display videos.

This isn’t the first concept however, with theKorbiyor” first revealed in 2015.

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10 Comments on "The Driverless Hearse With Surround Sound and a Projector, the Future of Funerals?"

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Maury Cheskes

Brilliant idea! I love the concept of my fondest memories and favourite tracks being displayed at my funeral. It gives a more open translation to who the person was especially if there are people there who didn’t know the individual. The driverless wheels is just the tip of the iceberg.


Just googled Aeternal and it is definitely real. I thought it was just an early April Fool’s joke or something. What a time to be alive!


Brilliant idea! I thought it’s something like when Queen Amidala’s body was paraded on the streets of Naboo, just the glass casket. I hope they can do something like that.

Kyo Kusagi

Well things like these are not that surprising. For one online everything these days and a trend.


It’s amazing what people think of! Interesting concept; I wonder if this would click?


Woah amazing! Is this also transparent? Ohhh spooky though.

Kristin Mosh

Wow so you can include some music and a whole video montage to your death. Very interesting. I wonder if family and friends would be okay with the the hearse driving itself. Sounds a little scary? I love the innovation in every aspect of our world though.


For a second, I almost thought that all those feature are for the dead person. Made me think,”what the?!”… So I guess all those bells and whistles are for those who will be attending the burial. I can only hope that all those accessories can be unmounted. It’d be such a waste to bury or burn such fancy tech!


“The body can be displayed and the Aeternal can play their favourite music or display videos” What I think that, your body is surrounded by favourite music, it might be a great memory for your family.


Wow people are coming up with everything this days. Technology never ceases to amaze me!