The Australian postal plebiscite on Gay Marriage is looming and you should be seriously concerned about the no vote winning and gay marriage not being legislated. 

Why? Well not because it will mean that same sex marriage will not happen in Australia, but because democracy and democratic voting is such a difficult concept to grasp for the world right now. 

What happened when the result of the Scotland Referendum was for Scotland to remain a part of Great Britain? Another referendum was demanded. 

What happened when the result of the Brexit vote was to leave the European Union? Protests erupted and the Brits demanded another vote. 

What happened when Donald Trump became president of the United States? A large number of people cried out for another election to take place and are still demanding that Trump be removed from power. 

Do you see where I am going with this? 

Opposition leader Bill Shorten will turn the cog and set the campaign for Australia to break away from the Monarchy and become a Republic. If the people decide that Australia is to continue to be a member of the Commonwealth, I can almost guarantee you that within a year or two there will be calls for another vote. 

In this current state of democracy, the losers demand revotes until they get what they want. That is not how democracy should work. 

The Australian marriage debate has gone on for years, with many calling out Australia as one of the few countries not to implement same-sex marriage. With neighbours and friendly rivals New Zealand bringing in the ability for gays to marry in 2013, the competition grew. 

If the equality campaign is defeated and Australia decides against same-sex marriage, how long will it be until the protests and upset leads to the campaign for round two of voting? The same-sex marriage supporters will claim that it’s not good enough to let the no voters decide on the future of homosexual rights. There will be outrage that there wasn’t enough advertising or education. Will there be the same amount of outrage by the no voters if gay marriage is legislated? 

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I will be voting yes but I hope I’m not opening a new collective of arguments for more power and more rights should the yes vote come in. We don’t want another Canada where third genders and pronouns are protected by laws.