Hundreds of Tesla owners are complaining of supply issues and long waits on repairs as the company battles supply chain issues. 

This comes after Tesla’s has been criticised for charging $8000 for an incomplete self-driving feature despite the current release being flawed. 

As Bloomberg technology reports “Tesla’s driver-assistance platform, Autopilot, was about to begin a transformation to fully autonomous driving. Every Tesla would come with eight cameras, radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a Nvidia Corp. supercomputer. Once testing and regulatory approval were complete, Musk said, the car would be able to drive entirely by itself.”

A year later, there has still been no update and Tesla’s stocks are falling. Elon Musk has focused so heavily on both the Tesla company and SpaceX getting humans to Mars, but many loyal Tesla owners are now losing faith in the EV manufacturer. 

Bloomberg continues:

“Tesla owners who paid thousands of dollars for the options filed a class action lawsuit, alleging they were tricked into buying a feature that doesn’t exist and—in some cases—an unsafe car. Tesla has yet to formally respond to those disgruntled drivers who want refunds and punitive damages, and the case is currently in mediation.”

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