Anti-Adani protestors have vowed to continue to attempt and derail Anastacia Palaszczuk’s campaign after tracking her down twice on day two of the election campaign which was announced this week.

A protestor hijacked a morning television interview, and more protestors were waiting for the Premier outside the Proserpine Hospital this morning.

Ms Lloyd said the Stop Adani protesters would continue throughout the campaign and promised to continue to follow Ms Palaszczuk. “It’s not going to stop. Our voice is loud and we are backed by a large movement,” she claimed.

The Adani (Carmichael Mine) coal mine is set to be the largest mine in the Southern Hemisphere and affect vulnerable wildlife as well as the already-dying Great Barrier Reef. Over one million litres of water per year will be required which will be taken from the nearby Belyando River.

According to the mine’s own environmental impact statement it will produce roughly 200 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over sixty years.

It is expected that the QLD election result will focus heavily on the Adani mine and Queensland hospitals. Voting day is November 25.

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