Despite three senior lawmakers rejecting the claim, President Donald Trump is standing by his accusation that the Obama administration tapped his phone during the 2016 presidential campaign. The Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate intelligence committee have stated there are “no indications” of surveillance at Trump Tower in New York before or after the election.

White House representative Sean Spicer has defended Mr Trump’s allegations, mentioning media reports that have discussed intelligence collection on possible contacts between Trump associates and Russia during the campaign. “There is no question that there were surveillance techniques used throughout this,” Mr Spicer said.

During a press conference with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump said the White House wouldn’t apologise for the allegations.

There’s no public evidence of the wiretap. There’s also no public evidence of Russia’s involvement in Trump’s election – but that doesn’t seem to stop the media.

Cask J Thomson
Cask J. Thomson is the editor-in-chief. Born in Scotland and residing in Australia, he is a freelance graphics and web designer.

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