A new version of the classic Nokia 3310 was officially unveiled in Barcelona on the 26th February 2017,

The model, which gained worldwide popularity in 2000, features a larger 2.4 inch screen, lengthy battery life and a new version of the iconic game, Snake.

Battery life is expected to be 22 hours.

According to the website, the slimmer, more rounded phone will have a MicroSD card slot which can hold 32GB, a 2 megapixel camera and comes in red, dark blue, yellow and grey.
It will set consumers back around $65

Countries like Australia won’t be able to use the phone with networks Optus and Vodafone the only remaining to still use 2G, however they will be phasing out 2G this year.


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10 Comments on "Nokia 3310 Relaunch: A New Phone Like the Old"

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Horrible design. I once had a 3310 but I didn’t feel any bit of nostalgia upon seeing this. If I were to buy a feature phone, I’d choose from Nokia’s existing lineup.


They should have left it as is

Black Coffee

Let’s bring back the old days! Actually with its superb battery life, this can be good for pure calls and sms, after all that’s what cellphones should be! But I still wouldn’t let go of my smartphone.

Luffy Zorro

Call me weird but I prefer this over smart phones. I Have nothing against smart phones but to me as long as it can call and text I am okay with it.

Maury Cheskes

Proper phone. I still appreciate the old style with more compact models and a screen that doesn’t crack as easily. Is this model similar or is it like the newer style with flatter screens?


Good to know that Nokia relaunched one of their old phone models the 3310 but to me, the design isn’t that beautiful but that is not much a concern as I just wanted the basic features of a phone, to call and text to someone. But the battery life is good knowing that it can last for 22 hours. As what I’ve read from the news, this phone cost around $50.


This is perfect for the oldies! Especially my grandparents who just can’t seem to handle a smartphone efficiently. I like the revamped look.


Well just like the saying goes “what goes around comes back around”. Hey, if it works it works!

Beau H.

I’d get this phone for its nostalgic value! I’m not so sure if having a 2MP camera makes it a good deal, though. I mean… the old 3310 could fall on its back and it’d be alright! They should’ve just stuck with the old design, SMH.


The reasons I’d buy this phone are likely nostalgia, my backup phone is likely gonna give soon, and the price. However, I won’t mind paying more for a 3G capable model. Hmmm… maybe there already is but they won’t release it until they sell all the units on this release! Perhaps I’m gonna keep my money for another year…