Sometimes the best response people have for those receiving welfare benefits or complaining about poverty is the good old line of “get a job then”

There are several people who don’t take jobs because the ones offered aren’t as glorious as they’d like or the salary is far less than what they’re getting on benefits, but most jobs are hard to gain because they ask for experience and that is something that many seeking employment lack.

For example: if you look on popular job seeking websites for a job as a waiter or even a shelf stacker, these listings state experience is a prerequisite for application. Gaining experience in a “starting out” field is impossible unless you can get your foot in the door.

Even with several years of study and your fresh qualifications under your belt, you’re going to struggle getting into a job that will help you tide over your finances.

There are certainly ways to budget better. Do you need that top of the line phone? Do you need the expensive makeup and clothing? Older generations easily justify that they “simply went without” but nowadays owning your own home and having a secured job with a comfortable income is a privilege when many feel it should be a necessity.

With the price of living rising, we are living in times of economic uncertainty. While it’s easy for the governments and citizens of the world to shun those receiving welfare payments as “lazy” and “refusing to work”, the dole is an embarrassing thing for many who want to work.

Another response is to move closer to the city, but with it not being as affordable as one would prefer, that simply isn’t an option for most.

With highly competitive careers such as Web Development, speech-language pathology and accountancy being among 2016’s most-in-demand, it’s a matter of working harder to work hard.

Constantly persevering those newspaper and website listings is the best way, and unfortunately, that’s a difficult and uninspiring proposition.



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Sunny Winterson

Obviously an alias, Sunny is a Canadian journalist who has worked with several mainstream news outlets.

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