Whilst the President of the United States is clearly not popular with a majority of the country’s population, it has been evident since his presidential candidacy that he has not been popular with the mainstream media as well. The constant Trump bashing has often been without justification and with outlets like New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and FOX being major players and subsequently labelled “fake news” by the President.

Let’s admit something for once and be neutral on Trump. No matter how you feel about him, there is an elaborate plot to remove him from power and the witch hunt he describes does indeed exist.

With Donald Trump’s son meeting with a Russian lawyer, Ivanka Trump briefly taking her father’s seat at the 2017 G20 summit with accusations of treason spinning around the room, Trump was right to say that the public and media have a daily witch hunt against him.

Donald Trump is a political novice who claimed the title of presidency and as a result, the establishment and veteran political powers are doing whatever it takes to bring him down. Every time something happens, the liberal media and those who don’t actually understand what an impeachment entails call for his removal from power.

Connections with Russia have been at the forefront of his time in power and with no current (released) evidence that Russia intervened in the election, all media eyes have been on Putin’s relationship with Trump at the G20 rather than the real political issues that should be pushed forward.

 It doesn’t matter what you think of Trump. The constant bullying, propaganda and dives to condemn he and his family is what powers hatred for a leader that was democratically elected and currently has no real dirt to remove him from presidency 


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