During Donald Trump’s presidency campaign and election, a large portion of the world have condemned his words, actions and demanded he step down from the top job claiming he’s either mentally ill or incredibly unqualified to run the United States.

One only needs to look up the name “Donald Trump” on Facebook and Twitter to find hundreds of thousands of posts calling on the President to resign.

So is this harassment actually working? Of course not.

Screeching “impeachment!!” and demanding someone you don’t like be removed from power is a pathetic tactic and is creating an incredibly irritating divide between the left and right.

It has become cool to hate on Donald Trump for absolutely everything, but it is becoming exhausting as has been covered in our opinion on the 2017 Emmy Awards

Even the first lady Melania Trump isn’t immune to the hatred with her most recent beating over gifting Dr Seuss books to a school, who branded Dr Seuss and his works as “divisive” and “racist”. If Michelle Obama had done the same, there would be as simple as “she didn’t know, it’s not her fault, don’t hate her”

There are plenty of people out there who think Trump is a bully, but the truth is the Anti-Trump folks are just as bad.

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