With the Australian postal plebiscite on Gay Marriage now underway, many former YES voters are now changing their tune with the claims that recent campaigning has seen a spark in homosexuals claiming special privileges.

The YES campaign has seen a fair share of homosexuals promoting their right to marry and many have criticised the campaigning for pushing free speech away. Christian schools that are encouraging voters to vote NO have been abused for their opinions. Do you see the hypocrisy?

It appears that having any opinion, or qualms about the campaign makes you a homophobe who does not stand for the rights of homosexuals.

Many voters are claiming that their arguing against gay marriage is being shot down, rather than being challenged to a healthy debate.

The government is now seeking to bring in anti-vilification laws to protect people from disparagement and misleading and deceptive conduct during the same-sex marriage campaign.

The postal plebiscite has cost hundreds of millions of dollars and attempts to stop the vote going ahead have so far failed.

Ballots with the question, “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” will be distributed on September 12. The result of the vote will be known on the 15th of November.


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