As of time of publishing, the Dutch election polls opened just 3 hours ago, and are set to be open for another 10-and-a-half or so hours. That’s not the most important piece of news, however.

Last night, in the final political debate, between Geert Wilders and Gert-Jan Segers, both formerly of lesser parties of little political consequence, Wilders made a bold statement – a true statement, but a bold one nonetheless.

This also comes at a time when the Netherlands and Turkey have almost come to diplomatic blows over the actions of the incumbent Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, who stopped two Turkish ministers from campaigning in the Netherlands to Turkish citizens[10]. Notably and alarmingly, Turkish President Erdogan referred to Turkish citizens living in Germany as front-line troops[11].

Wilders stated that the Prophet Muhammed of Islam was a “pedophile”, a “warlord”, and someone who “beheaded Jews”[1]. These statements are all objectively true according to historical sources[5][6][7].

Will Wilders’ party, the PVV, win the election[2][3]? The answer is complicated. The Dutch electoral system is a far cry from the two-party system used by the United States or almost-emulated by Australia. Various polls have suggested, however, that the PVV, Wilders’ party, will win the most seats and thus gain the most influence in Dutch politics[4]. This theory will be tested in the 12 hours to come, although it seems Wilders will definitely gain influence.

Let us hope that Wilders won’t be murdered the same way that Pim Fortuyn, the Islam-critical Dutch politican of the last generation, was murdered.

Meanwhile, in France, a country which is set to hold its Presidential elections on April 23, Marine Le Pen is the favoured frontrunner[8]. Le Pen was recently attacked and threatened with legal consequences by the European Parliament for daring to retweet graphic images of Muslim violence[9].

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Jesus Raped Mary

The entire Christian “religion” is based on Pedophilia and Child Rape.

Christians believe their “god” Impregnated Mary when she was just 12 years old.

No wonder soo many Christian Pastors and Catholic Priests Rape kids in the Present day.