Facebook continues to reveal itself to be an incredibly tyrannical, censorship-loving and agenda-driven organisation, led by an equally terrible CEO[1].

On Friday, Facebook has begun to roll out a new feature named “Disputed” tagging, announced back in December[4]. This feature continues to be rolled out worldwide as of this post.

This new feature allows users to posts (that presumably they don’t like) as Disputed. At some point, one hopes, depending on the ratios of complaint to interactions, the taggings will result in a response from Facebook itself, who state “News stories that are reported as fake by people on Facebook may be reviewed and disputed by independent third-party fact-checkers.”[6]

The so-called third party fact checkers come from “Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network”[8], a group that includes Snopes, FactCheck.org, Politifact and ABC News. This group is directly funded by a few parties[9], one of which, of course is the Open Society Foundations – George Soros’ organisation[7].

Yes, that George Soros that Google claims is “awesome”.[11][10]

Of course, this is starting to emerge just as WikiLeaks comes forward with its’ “Vault 7”[5]. The vault contains a new massive release of information that outlines and details massive wrongdoing by the CIA regarding a dizzying array of digital linecrossing, including the production and deployment of malware allowing targets to be remotely controlled and/or read.

Facebook faced criticism back in July for “accidentally” blocking WikiLeaks.[2][3]

This also comes in the wake of even the mainstream media having to admit, in some twisted way, that it is losing the battle to alternative media.[12]

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