He’s been the subject of countless skits on American show Saturday Night Live and he’s been used as constant fodder by comedians around the world, but now it seems you can’t even watch an awards ceremony without having to sit through a presenter, actors and comedians dish out tiring Donald Trump jokes.

It had to be expected that the 2017 Emmy Awards would be politically charged with Stephen Colbert presenting, but it quickly became exhausting as Trump joke after Trump joke dominated the show. Even some of the stars winning awards made their speeches about Trump and their disgust at his election. 

It has become tiresome and lazy for these ceremonies and comedy shows to be filled with anti-Trump humour. Whilst you could argue that Trump is the joke that writes itself, it is unfair on the viewers who couldn’t care less about politics or actually support Trump, because, after all, he was elected by the Americans through a democratic process. 

It’s getting silly but there is no stopping the anti-Trump brigade from thinking that the whole world wants to hear them make fun of the president. It’s lazy to keep writing these jokes that humiliate a president and his family, simply because you don’t like him. 

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