The recent Las Vegas shooting is the worst recorded shooting in modern American history. There has been a large political divide which will likely last a few weeks before the Americans and spectating world will go back to living their own dream. Gun control will be demanded and there will be plenty of hate for both President Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, who seemingly enjoys criticising the American people for not voting her in, but little will be done after fierce debate.

There has been a recent increase in online outlets blaming white people for this attack and calling it out as “white privilege” as the shooter was a middle-aged white male. One could see an issue with the shooter if it wasn’t for the fact he did not go to a black-majority event to kill black people.

Despite not having any confirmed ties to any terrorist organisation or political motive, websites like The Guardian are calling out the media reporting the shooter as a “Lone Wolf” for using the name to describe a white terrorist. The author, Moustafa Bayoumi, argues that the shooter matches the description of a terrorist.

Then you have Vox, which not only blames white people, but men too. The story claims “Since Trump took office, more Americans have been killed by white American men with no connection to Islam than by Muslim terrorists or foreigners.” And that “White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners”

Is this clearly anti-white reporting not racism? Imagine if The Guardian said black people shooting in the ghettos of America were a bigger problem than terrorists were, there would be an uproar over the blatant racism with ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter rallies outside their offices.

With no political or religious affiliations, Stephen Paddock was not by definition a terrorist and therefore the Las Vegas attack is not being considered a terrorist attack by the mainstream media. Nothing has emerged to prove that Paddock was a terrorist, and the claims that ISIS take responsibility are so far unfounded.

Stephen Paddock was a radical left Anti-Trump murdering machine. Not a terrorist and not a threat to anyone who wasn’t white.

Using the Las Vegas tragedy to push a political agenda is a great way to spread misinformation and further push the racial divide.


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