Climate change is global warming. The world is getting hotter, and we’re accelerating the process. Recent decades have been the hottest on record the hottest on record, and whilst many sceptics will say the sun is causing the heat but the true fact is that the sun’s heat and the climate have been going in opposite directions for over 35 years.

The issue though isn’t the world killing us; it’s us.

A rapidly warming climate will make some places wetter and others drier. This could affect the quality and quantity of available food on the table of every single person on the planet. Years ago, Russian president Vladimir Putin stated climate change would benefit Russia due to the high amounts of newly farmable land. To clarify, however, Putin later confirmed his fears that“Caused by global warming, hurricanes, droughts, floods and other anomalies are the source of economic damage.”

We’ve all heard the facts that a hotter climate leads to the rising sea levels – glaciers are melting and adding to an already flooding arctic. Some theorise that this may be the year of the “Blue Ocean Event” The Blue Ocean would see the Arctic Ocean as practically ice-less.

So what can we do?

Well sorry to be dooming but there is very little. Turning off your high-powered electrical devices and using less power is a start. Ultimately, until everyone has enough money to eat better and drive electric cars, we’re stuck and it’s only going to get worse.

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Cask J Thomson
Cask J. Thomson is the editor-in-chief of The Whole Story. Born in Scotland, he hates long walks along the beach.

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With the rise of Trump, those climate change deniers are having a field day. They’re rewriting everything about climate change and their ultimate goal is to wipe it out of our consciousness.

Black Coffee

I’m afraid this is getting out of hand. Yes there is climate change awareness everywhere, but sadly, the average population don’t seem to take it seriously until disasters occur to us first hand.

Luffy Zorro

It is said that the polar ice caps are melting a bit every year. Yes it maybe small amounts but at this rate the whole area will be submerge in water. If that happens then kiss the polar bears goodbye.

Crazy Environmentalist
Crazy Environmentalist

Although it may seem much, individual change actually has a great impact on the environment. Anthropocentric ways should be stopped. We should learn to care more about life in general, and not just our life but also about the life of other organisms.

Lilliane Sims

Modern society has become so selfish that people seem like they don’t care about anything but themselves nowadays. Heck, people care more about all their lil techie devices that they do about people or saving the planet. We need to get back to the basics, back to the people, back to the world – back to what really matters. But sadly, looks like those days are gone for the most part.


Actually, I think all this technology is affecting the ozone layer. All these rays and radiation being sent out in mass amounts that the world has never really experienced from society has to have some effect of the environment.