3 Apr 2017

Lenin Moreno has claimed victory, meaning, if he sticks to his word, Assange is safe for now.



After unpleasant and combative campaigning has swept Ecuador’s political landscape in recent months, Julian Assange could find himself kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London within a month if former banker Guillermo Lasso wins the vote.

Candidate Lenin Moreno has stated he will let Assange stay in the embassy. Moreno is backed by outgoing President Rafael Correa who chose him personally for the election. He believes Assange is innocent, and fears that if extradited to Sweden, the Wikileaks founder may then be extradited to the United States, where he is wanted for espionage. Moreno is a paraplegic.

Ecuador is heavily dependent on oil and its economy is suffering a slump, as oil prices remain low.

Moreno is seen as the left-leaning candidate, whilst Lasso is viewed as a right-wing conservative.

Julian Assange has been staying in the Ecuadorian Embassy since June 2012, making this year his fifth. Will it be his last?

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