With time capsules and geocaches around the world intended to give a glimpse of those a decade or a few centuries in the future, the KEO space time capsule intends to go much further.

Expected to launch this year or next, the KEO – named after the most used letters – time capsule will carry messages from current-day Earthlings and will re-enter the atmosphere in roughly 50,000 years from the day of launch.

In 1977, the Voyager Golden Records were aboard the Voyager spacecraft containing audio and visual  portrayals of humanity.

The messages will be encoded into an archival DVD and will contain symbolic instructions in various arrangements to show the future how to build a DVD reader.

It will also contain a diamond that holds a drop of human blood and random samples of air, seawater and soil.

You can submit your message to be included in the time capsule at the project’s website. You’re invited to include details of your life and family.


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