How about some sweet misanthrope?

Humans are the scum of the Earth. We fight, abuse, exploit and destroy each other and the planet we live on. Yes, we didn’t ask to be placed here by whatever scientific or religious reason you choose but we made the choice to trash this planet. There are plenty of good people out there making a change for the better, but if humans weren’t so evil and deceitful by nature, we wouldn’t need those trying to improve this world.

Despite the billions of people who have lived during our time on Earth, there has yet to be someone with a genuine reason for why we are here and what we were set to do. We only have scientific theories as to why we exist. With an estimated 7.5 billion people currently on the planet, and an expected 11 billion-person population within the next 80 years, we’re not going anywhere.

Apart from natural occurrences like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, we have caused nothing but disasters to Earth. From our incessant need for war and resources all the way to our accidental destruction (Chernobyl, Fukushima, ozone layer depletion  and global warming being just a few recent events) we humans have a lot to answer for.

The Earth as we know it has an expiry date. One that we are making shorter and shorter with each day that passes by. If the planet belonged to the creatures we share with, what would it be like? Does Earth actually need humans?

A study by Aarhus University predicts that the entire world without humanity would represent one large Serengeti. Europe would be flooded with mammals, wolves, bears, elephants and moose. In the areas surrounding where the Chernobyl meltdown took place, wildlife thrives due to the lack of people.

Our existence is only to serve ourselves. In the next several centuries, we will do to other planets what we have done to our own. Humans are the cancer that will continue to spread throughout the universe, polluting and destroying everything to benefit only us.

Anti-human opinion piece over.


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Sunny Winterson

Obviously an alias, Sunny is a Canadian journalist who has worked with several mainstream news outlets.

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