The Deep State that runs the United States of America is continuing its anti-Russia, pro-war and pro-Zionist actions with yet another attempt to increase tensions with Russia.

The new bill, which has just passed the US Senate with a 98 per cent majority, entitled “Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017”, aims to step up the tensions to a new level. Despite being titled as though it were an anti-Iran measure, the word “Iranian” only appears 12 times in the bill whereas “Russian” appears 182 times.

The bill aims to attempt to cut Iran off entirely via sanctions – similar to how North Korea is now. However, that’s only the first quarter of the bill, because the rest of it is about Russia, including describing how Russia should be also isolated.

Many other parts of the bill also consign the President to a mere bystander and facilitator role in this process of aggravating Russia. This is clearly an attack on Trump and his pro-American, pro-Western agenda, attempting to continue the endless wars of aggression, draining funds from the economy of the United States when it is desperately needed at home to rebuild crumbling infrastructure.

Given how Russia’s economy has been extremely turbulent in the past decade mainly thanks to US sanctions and other nefarious activities, this blatant attack on their interests may even ultimately lead to hot war. Not to mention, of course, the endless Russia whining from the mainstream media.

You can find the text of the bill here.

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