The Americans have been pushing North Korea – and China, subsequently – after the 4th of July “gift” that came in a successful weapons test.

America has now deployed two B-1B strategic bombers to the Korean Peninsula to take part in military drills alongside South Korean fighter jets.

North Korea has described the move as “provocation” and warning it could lead to nuclear war.

Over the past few months, the tensions between the U.S. and North Korea have been escalating but the missiles North Korea claims will reach the shores of Australia and America may just be inaccurate and unguided as recent tests have shown. The missiles have been landing in the sea of Japan and have yet to be seen as lethal despite the media and government outrage that the next target is America. Kim Jong-un’s claims that his intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) will reach America are, simply that, claims. The country’s leader is unpredictable but there’s no cause for alarm unless America continues its provocation…, which it has.

The Trump administration is putting a lot of pressure on China and South Korea and North Korea are returning that pressure to America. To show force, America has dropped “dummy” bombs. What they aim to gain from a war with North Korea may simply be the upper-hand, or an unlikely regime change.

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